Industrial IoT with Digital Twin and Historical Data

Using Azure Digital Twins and Azure Data Explorer to Build Industrial Platforms


  • End to End data flow and also components


  • Azure IoT Edge Runtime (modules as docker containers)
  • Azure IoT Hub — Cloud Device and Security management
  • Azure Event Grid — Send telemetry to event grid
  • Azure Funtions to read from Event Grid and write to Azure Digital Twin
  • Azure Digital Twins — Store Current data in Twin and Export to Event Hub
  • Azure Event Hub — intermediate store to push to Azure Data explorer
  • Azure Data Explorer — historical data storage for further analytics
  • Azure Container registry — to store images


  • Setup digital twin
  • property and device id should match the iot hub device id
  • Property is based on sensor tag name

Azure IoT Hub

  • Create a new IoT Hub
  • Create a new IoT Edge
  • install the Edge in client

Azure IoT Edge Module

Telemetry from Iot Hub into Azure Digital Twin using azure functions

  • Create a Eventgrid and function to read telemetry from Iot Hub and push into Azure Digital Twin
  • using visual studio 2019 to build the function
  • Function code has to be changed to read the messages from event grid
  • Adjust the code to get the sensor data from the message and store in digital twin
  • Code Repo:
  • Create a digital twin and create the property and twin

Azure Digital Twins to Azure Data Explorer

  • First create endpoints and routes in azure digital twins
  • Create Route
  • Next configure data history ingestion in Azure Digital Twin

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