Process Azure Cognitive Services API using Data Factory- Health care text analytics

Batch process only


  • Create a Azure data factory
  • Get table name and credentials for Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL will be the data source input
  • Output will also be saved in Azure SQL
  • Create a new pipeline
  • Get lookup activity
  • in Azure SQL create a table and load sample data as below
  • Create a select query using lookup up activity
  • Now bring Foreach
  • Complete foreach activity
  • Now add Web Activity
  • Here is the URL to use below
  • Add the headers as per picture above
  • here is the format to send the data as Post Body
  • Set the variable to temp variable
  • Get the last value by splitting the text
  • Now Wait for 30 seconds
  • Now call the jobs api to get results


  • write the results to Azure SQL using stored procedure
  • parameters for stored procedure
  • Publish all
  • Click Debug
  • Go to Azure SQL and make sure data is saved for further processing
  • For more details check the GitHub repo. Some of the images, i was unable to load

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